We have more than a decade of experience designing events. 


We've designed, planned and coordinated events from weddings to backyard parties, corporate meetings, celebrations, and holiday parties, to intimate dinner parties.  


We're professional designers. In fact, we're award-winning, certified and registered Interior Designers. This makes us unique because we are not just influenced by design - we are a part of the design world.


What does this mean for you and your wedding or event?  It means you can trust us to create beautiful and detailed moments for you and your guests.  We focus on your celebration and  what you love to create an event design just for you.

We're creative, collaborative, detail-oriented and we love a good party! 

The ampersand is the symbol that unites two previously separate elements.

We chose to call ourselves Ampersand because, like weddings & events, it is the symbol that brings people together.

Ampersand Events & Design was founded by Alanna Drawson & Lauren Coburn, two Ottawa based Interior Designers. 

We met in design school and hit it off immediately, discovering a shared love of natural materials and designer shoes. While working together on school projects, we stumbled onto planning our first party and have continued to collaborate on events ever since. 



Lauren brings an infectious enthusiasm and passion to everything that she does. She has years of experience in event planning and project management and a genuine talent for motivating people.


She tells it like it is and takes on challenges without hesitation. Interested in woodworking and graphic design, Lauren has a knack for seeking out those details that will make your event extraordinary.


Handy with a needle and thread, Alanna earned a Degree in Fashion and Textile Design and designed and created many custom wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses before going on to study Interior Design. 


Event planning takes full advantage of her calm demeanor and strong organizational skills. She has an eye for colour and details, years of design experience, and a passion for integrating personal details and traditions into every event.