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Behind the Scenes - Setting the Stars in the Sky

The bride and groom asked for stars to hang over the dance floor at their wedding reception as they wanted a touch of the celestial for their Music Festival wedding. This inspiration image that we included as part of the wedding design we created just for them, had caught their eye.

We provided initial design services and then wedding set-up, coordination and management for their big day. The bride and groom took on the planning themselves.

The bride found gold star garlands online to string from the ceiling of their large forty by one hundred foot tent for their reception but it was our job to figure out how to hang them!

We knew that we would have to build a web-like structure to hang them from and our plan was that this be installed before the tent frame was raised. We would quickly build the web on the ground with the tent frame and then the stars could simply be hung on it once it was up. No worries... We had a plan!

The tent was scheduled to be put up the day before the wedding and we would be there early to create the stars' support structure.

However, when we arrived that morning before wedding day, this was the sight that greeted us. The tent company had already put the tent up earlier in the week. Our plan to work on the ground was no longer an option.

This would require some thinking and a new plan to get the stars up over the dance floor...

Sketch for hanging stars
Web structure sketch for hanging the stars

Here is the quick sketch done by Lauren to figure out

the best way to create the web structure using

clear fishing line, beads, and a heavy string. The

structure needed to be strong, especially with a plan to add some twinkle lights in along with the stars.

We also had to look for new connection points for the

structure as our original ones were now about thirty

feet up at the top of the tent!

It took a lot more time to create the web than we had planned but once the web structure was in place, the

stars could start to go up.

We can't even begin to calculate how many times Lauren went up and down that ladder! Thankfully, the dance floor was also installed early so the ladder was easy to move and was stable.

However, once all the stars and lights were hung, the weight of the stars had pulled the web down too low for taller people to walk under and those stars had sharp points! One of our amazing crew members volunteered to climb an extension ladder to the top of the tent poles (Remember...this is nearly thirty feet up!) where there were connection points. This allowed the entire web structure to be pulled up higher. Then Lauren continued to fill in any gaps with more stars and added the twinkle lights. We used a lot of fishing line that day!

The bride and groom were thrilled with their starry sky saying that it was more beautiful than they could have imagined. Making their vision come to life was challenging but totally worth the result. We truly love it when our design reflects our couple and their personal style!

Baby reaching for the stars
Reaching for the stars! Photo: Jacob MacPherson

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