We prefer not to do set packages because we like to take into account the size, location, and needs of your wedding or event and create a quote just for you.

However, we do have some numbers to get you started.


We know that you want a gorgeous wedding that isn’t like everyone else's with details that no one has seen before. You're realizing that a wedding is a huge undertaking and you need help with planning and coordinating everything.

We will be there every step of the way, from concept & invitation design all the way to the toasts & final tear down, and we will work with you to incorporate personal elements that will make your celebration unique to you and your style.

We will take care of it all!

Starting at $4800

wedding planning

This is where your vision starts to become reality.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - stylish, personal and thoughtful events don’t just happen. They're planned! 

You decide how involved you want to be. If you choose to, you only have to meet with us and we will meet with everyone else to research, connect, and coordinate with the suppliers, vendors and venues that will bring your event to life. This gives you the time to enjoy your engagement instead of trying to fit the many meetings in to your busy schedule and stressing over all the details.


Starting at $3000

Wedding concept

We know that a wedding is more about you than it is about centrepieces and dessert tables.

We listen to your ideas and your vision for your wedding. We then take your ideas and we create an original design that reflects you as a couple and the experience you want for your day. This gives you a blueprint for your planning and is so much more than a Pinterest board!

You will come away with a clear concept that you can use to create a beautiful & cohesive event.

Starting at $750

bridal bouquet

We will take care of the day so you can enjoy it.

We come on board a month before your event to ensure that every detail is in place & that you stay on schedule. We will be there to manage everything so you can live in the moments of your wedding day instead of worrying over whether or not your cake arrived.

Starting at $1500


You want a memorable event but don't have the time in your busy work day to plan it.  That's where we come in!

From concept, design and planning to social media marketing packages, guest list management, and swag: we do all the work for your event so you can be a guest at your own party.

Get in touch to talk about what services you need for your event and we'll put together a custom package just for you.